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Jean-Christophe Corvol

Jean-Christophe Corvol is Professor of Neurology at Sorbonne Université, head of the Department of Neurology at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, co-leader of the Molecular Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease research team at the Paris Brain Institute (ICM), and co-chair of the French clinical research network for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders (NS-Park). JC Corvol has a training in both Neurology and Pharmacology (MD in 2003), has done a PhD (2005) in experimental neurosciences on dopamine signalling in the laboratory of JA Girault (Institut du fer à moulin, Paris) and a post-doc at UCSF in the neurogenetic laboratory of J. Oksenberg (San Francisco, USA). His fields of interest are molecular basis, genetic modifiers and pharmacology of Parkinson’s disease. The approach is transversal, combining experimental models and genetic association studies in well-phenotyped cohorts. JC Corvol is leading a national cohort of Parkinson’s disease patients in France for precision medicine and patients stratification. JC Corvol has published >250 papers in peer review journals (H index=65). He is member of the French societies for Neurology, Pharmacology and Neurosciences, past officer of the EU section of the International Movement Disorder Society, member of the scientific panel of the European Academy of Neurology, and member of the editorial board of the Movement Disorders journal.