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Kathrin Brockmann

Kathrin Brockmann, MD, serves as head of the largest outpatient clinic for parkinsonian syndromes at the University of Tuebingen in Southern Germany. Over 120 patients seen at the clinic every month undergo standardized clinical evaluation for the whole spectrum of motor and non-motor symptoms. As a group leader at the Hertie Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases in Tuebingen, Dr. Brockmann conducts large-scale clinical studies to better understand the different phases of neurodegeneration as well as symptom development and progression to enable more effective, individualized therapies. In this context, dividing people with neurological diseases into groups based on results of genetic testing and also based on analysis of biofluid samples is much needed for the development of such therapies. Currently, Dr. Brockmann serves as a primary investigator in four large international and national research projects, including the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI), The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s landmark clinical study to find biomarkers — disease indicators that are critical missing links in the search for better Parkinson’s treatments. She is also involved in clinical trials of novel therapies. As clinical coordinator of the Neurobiobank Tuebingen, whose inventory exceeds 300 thousand biosamples, she conducts clinical research and studies biomarkers.